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Beauty is Art

become a fantasy

FAntasy art subjects WANTED
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THis community is mainly for models (or model wannabes), photographers and artists...

I am searching for mainly girl models that would allow me to draw them.

Members of this community are expected to post pictures of themselves (preferably not nude),their models or their own art.

I am sorry to inform that yes there is an application and not everyone can join.. it wont be because you are ugly (well maybe a little) or not artistic but if you seem to not possess any of the traits i am looking for than this community is not for you. if you are like me and just are looking for people to draw i will allow you to join.


REason as to why you want to join:

1. There are no restrictions as to how big a picture file can be... if someone does not like the fact that a member's picture is slowing down their friends list then simply erase this community from your friends list...
2. Please all nudity behind a cut with a warning...i don't want any erotic photos. this is not the place
3. PROMOTE THIS COMMUNITY, keep it alive =)